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Westminster Tutors is a top private sixth form college. Our A level retake students get fabulous results and go on to the top universities.  A level grades this year are 42% A*-A and 83% A*-B. Find out what we can do for you!

Flexible choices of A level syllabuses can be made according either to students’ areas of interest or to teachers’ areas of academic expertise, and for subjects such as English, History, Politics, Art History etc students are able to select the options they most want to study. This allows our students to embark on lively and engaging programmes of study, and gives them an opportunity to make choices about their courses in the same way as they would at university.

A level students are taught three hours per subject per week if studying one-to-one, and four to five hours per subject if studying in a small group. It is also possible to complete A levels intensively over one or one and a half years, and we increase the number of taught hours and fees proportionately to arrange this.

A levels are normally studied in Years 12 and 13. Under the current reforms final A level exams will be taken at the end of the second year. However, in the first year students are also able to sit separate AS (Advanced Subsidiary) exams which cover the work completed in the first year.

Almost all British universities require three subjects at A level and some require a fourth subject for AS level. For very competitive universities or very able students, it is also possible to take four full A levels. In the light of the current reforms to A levels, the Principal will offer each student individual advice and guidance on the best combination of A level and AS choices according to his or her future university goals.

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  • Ofsted 'outstanding' teachers with superb qualifications
  • This year 42% A*-A, 83% A*-B and 95% A*-C grades at A level
  • This year 70% are already confirmed at Russell Group/Ivy League unis
  • One-to-one teaching with fees lower than many of our competitors
  • Each A level retake course is designed according to individual need
  • No being squeezed into pre-existing intensive or Year 12/13 classes
  • Our A level retake students on average improved by 1.7 grades last year
  • Sept to June courses include full UCAS support from the Principal
  • Jan to June courses include advice on UCAS strategy from the Principal
  • Flexible timetables which give opportunities for work and travel

The school may be diminutive in terms of pupil numbers but in the quality of its staff it rates as a Titan. The teachers tend to be stars in their fields with a level of letters after their names that would make most of their profession blush..”            

Good Schools Guide 2017