Admissions process

Westminster Tutors is an academically non-selective college, and we welcome applications from students of all abilities and backgrounds. Because of our flexible tuition programmes it is also possible for students to join us at any point in the academic year.

Initial Enquiry
At the initial enquiry stage, we will endeavour to provide frank and honest advice which will enable prospective students and parents/carers to decide whether Westminster Tutors is suitable for them. We always take care to ensure that we are offering a programme that is realistic and achievable for the student, and our most important admissions criterion is that we can meet the needs of the applicant.
Given our attention to the individual, the key stage of the admissions process is the interview. Prospective students and parents/carers who have expressed an interest in joining Westminster Tutors will be invited to visit us so that they can be shown around the college and meet with the Principal. In this meeting the Principal will discuss the applicant’s educational background in some detail and find out what his or her future goals are.
By the end of the interview the Principal will advise on the most appropriate course of study, the timeframe, the costs, and the proposed outcome. Subject to the suitability of the applicant, and our ability to achieve the desired educational goals, the Principal will make an offer of a place either during the interview or subsequently by email.
In order to take up this offer of a place and confirm the enrolment, the Westminster Tutors Registration Form will need to be completed and returned to us. We will then confirm the student’s start date and a timetable will be provided just before the commencement of teaching.

Speak to a qualified advisor today: +44 (0) 20 7584 1288+44 (0) 20 7584 1288