General Election (Mock) Results

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After a campaign that matched the energy in equal measures of the real campaign, the results are in - and remarkably interesting results they are.

Firstly, for the college overall, on a 69% turnout, the election produced a tie:

Given the orientation of the Lib Dems and the Green party, this suggests that the college overall would go for the ‘Coalition of Chaos’ so frequently referred to by Theresa May. It also represents a leftward shift from the 2015 election which saw a clear Conservative victory:

2015 Mock Election Results

This also mirrored closely the overall General election results so perhaps the shape of things to come...?

However, the above results don’t tell the whole story. For the students, they desired five years of ‘strong and stable government in the national interest’ (TM), rejecting Corbyn thereby giving the country five more years of Maybot 2.0 (or 3.0 if she rebooted). Turnout was poor at 63% but one student got so enthusiastic (or hated them all equally) that they voted for all the parties...:

Westminster Tutors Mock Election Results - Students

The teachers on the other hand, resoundingly rejected Mrs May and plumped for five years of the Jeremy ‘I protest’ Corbyn, Diane ‘Police work for £8 an year don’t they?’ Abbott and  John ‘Don’t I look great with this mace?’ McDonnell perhaps propped up by Green and Lib Dems:

Westminster Tutors Mock Election Results - Teachers

Turnout was a stonking 79% too...

So what does this all mean? Well it certainly points to the students and teachers seeing things radically different on this election. I do also wonder how much enthusiasm there was for voting for any party - as one voter wrote when voting xxxx ‘least worst option’. Anyway one thing we could agree on in the college was that UKIP got nothing and thereby sails off into electoral oblivion!

For those that don’t know, the election is this Thursday with a full result expected by breakfast the next day so we’ll see then who is a more accurate representation of the country!

Nick Dommett