Reaching A-level success at the best sixth form colleges in London

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Quick Guide On Making The Most Of Your A-Level Opportunities

Getting stuck in to your A-levels at one of the best sixth form colleges in London can transform your results and uni prospects. If you’ve struggled at your school, then taking yourself out of their system and into a London sixth form college can be the difference between ‘just’ passing, and getting exceptional results.

When you’re in the school system, you’re not necessarily in the right situation to get the level of tuition you might need to help you. School class sizes can be large and many have a ‘one teaching method suits all’ approach. So if you didn’t get the results you wanted at school or the tuition didn’t meet your own needs, then seeking out the best sixth form colleges in London can be a great start to new beginnings.


A-levels, revision and retakes

If it’s your dream, or even a big step towards your career goal, to get to university, then getting the A-level results you need from sixth form college is crucial. You may not even realise that you’ve struggled at school to get your GCSEs because that’s what you’ve been used to. But taking yourself out of the school system and experiencing an independent sixth form college can really get the best out of you.

Many London-based colleges offer A-level courses that are individually planned for each student, ensuring that your own tuition needs are met. Through much smaller student groups and plenty of one to one time with teachers, the success rate of each student immediately starts to goes up.

Perhaps getting more revision is where you’re at. Many students feel that getting additional support with their revision helps them prepare sufficiently for their A-levels, rather than relying on their own routines. Specialist revision courses are available that are designed for every student and taught on a one-to-one basis, to maximise your success.

However, you may find yourself in the unenviable position of having to retake your A-levels. All the best sixth form colleges in London will have specific retake courses with specialist tutors that will allow you to look at any areas where improvements are needed. They’ll also help you over any sticking points that might have held you back from getting a better result first time around.


Always in pursuit of excellence

As Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding, one of the best sixth form colleges in London for A-level courses is Westminster Tutors. Not only do they offer a wide range of course options, but every student’s choice of subjects is unrestricted through individually planned timetables to suit specific requirements. And recognising that some students may not be getting all the help they need, their A-level revision courses are all taught one-to-one for the greatest success.

Westminster Tutors consistently beat the national average with their exam results, as well as many of the other best sixth form colleges in London. Their pursuit of excellence has remained unchanged since opening in 1934, and their high standard of exam results have seen a large proportion of students go on to study at many of the top universities in the country.

For more information, contact Westminster Tutors today on 020 7584 1288 or visit our contact form and make an enquiry today.