Sixth Form Colleges in London

Share article posted on March 10, 2017

Student And Tutor

When looking at sixth form colleges in London, there are plenty of options available: state school, independent school, single-sex, mixed, boarding, tutorial, the list goes on. Parents and students need to decide what is most important to them. Of course, the main goal of sixth form colleges is to provide students with a set of A levels, but there are many other factors at play, such as size, facilities and extra-curricular activities.

Westminster Tutors is a sixth form college in London, which provides one-to-one tuition for A level students. We differentiate ourselves from all other sixth form colleges by tailor-making all A level courses and lessons to each individual student. While most sixth form colleges choose one particular exam board for a subject, Westminster Tutors allows each student and teacher to discuss the exam board and specification which is most suitable. Furthermore, where particular options or texts are required to be chosen, for example in History and English Literature, students have the freedom to study what interests and appeals most to them. Therefore, students at Westminster Tutors can be really engaged in their studies and perform to the best of their ability in contrast to those at larger colleges where it is only possible for classes to be given set topics and texts.

Many sixth form colleges already have small class sizes, but the one-to-one nature of Westminster Tutors means that students have full attention throughout the course and the time spent on specific units can be increased or decreased depending on the student’s need. Teachers can often find themselves being spread too thinly across everyone in a whole class, but when there is just one student, this ceases to be a problem. Additionally, feedback is essential for a student’s learning and understanding to develop, and this individual attention at Westminster Tutors enables instant high-quality feedback at all stages.

Sixth form colleges in LondonPerformance tables are often used as an indicator of how successful and effective sixth form colleges are, but it is important to understand what all the figures mean. A level results are collected from each college to work out the average grade a student achieves. Of course, a higher average grade would be much more impressive to any prospective parent and it is true that the college contributes significantly to the grade. However, it is important to note that some colleges select their students based on ability, so these students are likely to achieve high grades wherever they go. Therefore, it is very useful to look at Value Added Scores – these represent how students perform in relation to predicted grades based on their GCSE results. In 2016, Westminster Tutors had the highest Value Added Score amongst our eight nearest competitors. This is especially noteworthy as Westminster Tutors is non-selective, so students come from all different academic backgrounds and end up not only meeting, but in many cases exceeding expectations.

For many students, the next stage after attaining A levels and leaving their sixth form college is embarking on further education on a university course. The application process with UCAS takes place during a student’s time at sixth form college, where there will be staff on-hand to support at all stages. At Westminster Tutors, our Principal is there from the very start, providing guidance on courses and universities, assisting with each student’s personal statement, writing references, arranging interview practice and even liaising with individual universities to ensure every student has a place.

Parents and students also need to consider the location of the sixth form college. London. Being located in central London means that space is at a premium, and although Westminster Tutors does not have any sports grounds or assembly halls, we can take advantage of the myriad of facilities in the close vicinity. The number of art galleries and museums nearby is perfect for class trips and university lectures are also available for inquisitive students to broaden their minds.

It is clear that there is no sixth form college in London where “one size fits all”. However, Westminster Tutors offers something quite unique: tailor-made individual tuition in the centre of London for students regardless of age or ability with expertly qualified teachers and proven success.