Why Retake Your A Levels at Westminster Tutors?

Share article posted on August 04, 2017

Canny parents and the odd bold student have been known to ask me why study at Westminster Tutors compared to other independent tutorial colleges, and more specifically, what’s so good about retaking A levels with us.   On occasions such as this, there is little point being backward in coming forward, and I am always happy to launch into the many things that we are justifiably proud of.

Great A level Results

Perhaps the most important and hard-hitting fact for any potential retake student is our success in improving A level grades.  Last year, on average our A level students improved by an astounding 1.7 grades.  We always do well with adding value, but this has been our highest average in recent years and at a time when it is getting harder to secure the top A level grades.

Top Flight University Destinations

The other thing is that we always keep our eyes on the real prize. After all, good A level grades are great but it is the next step that really counts – where are the A levels going to get you?   For most, A levels are a stepping stone to university but to get into university you need to secure the UCAS offers as well as the A level grades. 

And this is the point where I need to blow my own trumpet a bit.  Each and every A level retake student at Westminster Tutors receives personal guidance from me on applying to UCAS and strategy when it comes to choosing offers and results day.  Having now completed 14 UCAS application cycles I have a wealth of experience to offer and it really does pay off!  In fact most of our retake students end up applying to, and getting offers from, universities that rank much higher in the league tables than their first UCAS application.

Every year well over 50% of our students go on to the world-class Russell Group universities and this includes our A level retake students.  Last year our A level retake students took up places at UCL, King’s, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham and Exeter.  These are universities that many students dream of going to but securing offers from the UK’s top universities is not easy without expert attention and individual guidance.   In addition to this, over 80% of all our UCAS applicants took up places at their first choice universities – what more could you ask for?!

Our Parents and Students Really Do Love Us!

Believe it or not, we can actually offer more.   Many of our parents comment on the change they see in their children over the year they spend with us, particularly how they have grown in confidence and are much better placed to get the maximum from life at university.   In our parent evaluations, over 80% of our parents strongly agree they would recommend Westminster Tutors to another parent and the other 20% have agreed.  Not a single parent has disagreed!

So our parents are certainly impressed, but the final word should go to our wonderful students who go on to do all sorts of brilliant things.  What do they have to say about us?   Most of all they appreciate the quality of our teachers and the personal attention that comes from one-to-one or very small group teaching.  

In their own words, here are a few of the things our students say they like best about Westminster Tutors:

“Teachers are genuinely interested in my future prospects and are very supportive in helping me achieve them.”

“Everyone is friendly and the teachers will always want to help you.”

“It isn’t much like a school environment in the sense that I can have conversation that I wouldn’t have at a normal school and have a friendly relationship with my teacher.”

“Close attention to each student as an individual.”


Virginia Maguire, Principal