A Level Results Day 2018: what happens with my exam results?

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This year A level results are released on Thursday 16 August 2018.  Westminster Tutors will be open from 9am for students to email, phone or come in for their results. For external candidates, results cannot be given over the phone, but these can be sent via email or given in person.


What will my A level results look like?

You will receive separate statements of results from each exam board (AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC). How your results will be presented will depend on whether you have taken old or new specification A levels.

For old specification subjects, you will see a breakdown of the marks for each unit you have taken and then an overall grade for the A level. The unit marks will have been converted from your raw mark to UMS (Uniform Mark Scale) scores, which are added up to calculate your overall grade. The UMS grade boundaries can be found below.

Most old specification A level qualifications have a maximum UMS of 400:

320/400 = A
280/400 = B
240/400 = C
200/400 = D
160/400 = E

Old specification Maths A levels have a maximum UMS of 600:

480/600 = A
420/600 = B
360/600 = C
300/600 = D
240/600 = E

To achieve an A* grade, you need to have attained an overall A grade for the A level and at least 90% UMS across your A2 units.

For most new specification subjects, only an overall grade will be given on your statement of entry. However, if you want to know the marks you achieved in each paper, please ask our Exams Officer who can provide these to you. UMS scores are no longer used for new specification A levels, so your grade is calculated from your raw marks and the grade boundaries change every year. You will be able to see grade boundaries for all subjects on each exam board’s website on results day.

When and how do the universities get my A level results?

Your results are transferred electronically from the exam boards to your firm and insurance universities a week before the official A level results date.  This is to allow the universities to make admissions decisions about borderline cases.  Universities do look back at students’ admissions files and if there have been mitigating circumstances that might affect your A level results, it is important you get the letter on file before A level results day.  By the time results are announced universities have already made their decision on whether to accept or reject students who have narrowly missed grades, and there is little point appealing or making excuses at this time. 

One other thing to be aware of is that if you have made an error on your UCAS application (such as listing the wrong exam board for a subject or getting your exam centre number wrong) the results will not transfer.  If universities do not receive your results they are unable to make an admissions decision, and therefore if a decision is still pending on results day you should contact the university to find out why.  If they are still awaiting one or more A level results, you can ask your school exams officer to send these over to the university.

What if I am unhappy with my A level results?

If you believe that your exam paper has not been marked correctly or if you have narrowly missed a grade, there are post-results services offered by the exam boards. You can request a copy of one or all of your papers to decide whether or not you want to request a review of the marking. If you do decide to have your paper re-marked, the new mark will apply, whether it goes up, down or stays the same. A priority review of marking service is available if you have a university place which rests on a particular grade.

If you wish to request any post-results service, please contact our Exams Officer by the following deadlines: 

Priority review of marking – 23 August 2018
Priority copy of marked paper – 23 August 2018
Non-priority review of marking – 20 September 2018
Non-priority copy of marked paper – 27 September 2018

If you are still unhappy with your result following a review of marking, then there is an opportunity to appeal. You will need to discuss this with the Exams Officer and Principal, who are responsible for submitting the appeal on your behalf.

When will I receive my A level certificates?

Your statements of results will show your provisional results, but your final, confirmed results will be printed on your certificates. Certificates will arrive at the college by November 2018, after all enquiries about results have been completed.

You will be notified when your certificates have arrived and you will be able to collect them from the college. It is important that you do not lose your certificates as you may need them for further education and future employment, and the exam boards will charge for replacements.

Can I retake my A levels?

We’re hoping that everyone gets the results they want, but if not, don’t panic. Westminster Tutors has a superb track record helping A level retake students improve on their grades.   Our A level resit students not only achieve exceptional results, they also go on to the best universities in the country. 

Our maximum capacity is 45 students and we take enrolments on a ‘first come, first served’ basis, so hurry now if you would like to register with us.

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