Staff vs Students Netball

Share article posted on April 16, 2018

Westminster Tutors students continued their netballing dominance with a thrilling 6 - 5 victory over the staff on the final day of the spring term.

IMG-20180423-WA0002.jpg#asset:1740Yet again, superior physical stamina seemed to be decisive, with the victory decided with the final throw of the match by star striker Henna as the staff’s tired legs took their toll. The student team had a nice balance to it; with notable contributions coming from Jonathan, who made a significant impact whenever he was on the pitch, using his height and physical presence to control the midfield areas, Greg and Advik providing some important interceptions, and Isha and Megan combining nicely with Henna further up the pitch.

IMG-20180423-WA0001.jpg#asset:1739The staff team on the other hand, appeared to lack tactical organisation, which was particularly important given they were a player down for the first 20 minutes as Tom Hyatt went to the wrong leisure centre. David Shreir, however, made an impressive debut for the staff contributing well defensively as well as scoring with a couple of sublime finishes.

Netball fan and College Principal Virginia Maguire was impressed with the students’ resolve and desire, mentioning that she “hopes and expects to see that same level of determination in the students’ revision in the coming weeks and months”.

Staff team captain Tom Lees took the opportunity in the press conference following the game to apologise to fans of the staff team. He also asked fans to be patient emphasising that “discussions amongst the staff are ongoing as they try to identify a sport more likely to result in some long overdue silverware”.

The staff for now, however, will have to settle for second best after another hard fought victory for the students.



Staff: Tom Lees (Captain), David Shreir, Jason Poon, Joe Mattei, Tom Hyatt.

Students: Isha (Captain), Advik, Greg, Henna, Jonathan, Megan.