UCAS Replies 2018 - the future’s looking bright!

Share article posted on May 03, 2018

The first UCAS reply date is today, 3 May, with the later UCAS reply date falling on 7 June 2018.  These are the dates when university applicants must decide on their ‘firm’, or first choice university, and also their ‘insurance’ choice. All other offers must be declined so it is a nerve-wracking time when A level students are grateful for a bit of expert advice on the implications of their university choices and UCAS strategy.  

At Westminster Tutors, our A level students’ prospects are looking very promising indeed.  As of today:

84% of our students are holding one or more offers from Russell Group universities

28% of our students are holding unconditional offers

19% of our students are holding unconditional offers from Russell Group universities

Even those with unconditional offers are gearing up to achieve the highest A level results possible, and all have now set their sights on what they need to achieve to get into the university of their choice.  All that remains now is the hard work and sitting those pesky exams!