Which private colleges have the best sixth forms in London?

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Finding the right sixth form for you.

London is a great place to study for your A levels and there is a vast range of schools and colleges to choose from, so it is important to know how to find the right one for you.

What colleges do you have to choose from?

Many colleges may have catchment areas, and this means that you have to live within a certain area to be able to attend. This makes things tricky if you live slightly further away than the college you really want to go to. Fortunately, some of the best sixth forms in London admit students from all over the city and even further afield, and with the great transport links available, this is much easier than moving home to fit into a catchment area.

There are some private colleges in London which focus solely on A levels, others start from Year 10, and there are also those which you can attend for the entirety of your secondary education. Your school or college may already have a sixth form, but some may impose certain entry requirements or subject restrictions. Others might not have the high level of teaching you desire for such an important two years. Therefore, you should look for a private college with a sixth form which offers a flexible range of subjects to suit your abilities and interests, as well as proven high quality teaching.

Factors that can help you decide on a sixth form college

One of the most common ways of deciding on which sixth form to attend is looking at performance tables and A level results. Obviously students want the best results and it is true that a college with a high proportion of A* and A grades is very successful. However, there are other ways to measure A level success, such as value added scores, which tell you how well a student has performed relative to their starting point. This means that while one college may not have as many A* grades as another, they may not have had the highest ability students in their cohort, and so the best sixth forms cannot be judged solely on the number of top grades.

Sixth forms are not only a place to study for A levels, but also an important stepping stone to further education. The best sixth forms in London provide the best support for your next chosen steps. For most students, this will be university and it will be your sixth form, who will guide you through your UCAS application and provide the key reference you need to get into your chosen university.

Where Westminster Tutors fits in

Westminster Tutors is a private college with one of the best sixth forms in London. Our students come from all over London, and some even commute in from outside the city. We focus mainly on A levels and provide high quality tuition with expert teachers. Students receive bespoke guidance on subject choice and benefit from excellent UCAS support. Ofsted have rated our sixth form provision as outstanding, and our results and university destinations were exceptional in 2017, with 42% A* to A grades and 87% of students placed at their first choice university. Contact us now to find out more about joining our sixth form.