End of Year Rounders

Share article posted on June 17, 2019


The staff vs students rounders match took place on the final Friday of the summer term in Hyde Park, ahead of the students awards ceremony back at the college that evening. It was the final instalment of the Staff vs Students sports events that had taken place throughout the year (the students won the the netball in December, and the staff won the football in April).

There was an excellent turn out – 14 students participating, and eight staff members – and the game was played in a very positive and friendly way, with occasional moments of competitiveness between some of the students and their subject teachers. The teachers narrowly won in the end, and some special mentions are required for:

  • Philosophy and RS Tutor Will, who was taking part in his first competitive sporting fixture ‘for about 20 years’.
  • Student Ollie, who repeatedly smashed the ball over the heads of the staff fielders.
  • Economics Tutor David, who gave his all at third base, finding himself face down on the floor on multiple occasions.
  • Head Girl Ellie, whose competitive side came out when up against her Geography teacher Nick Dommett on first base.

For those students who are with us for the 2019/20 academic year, we are looking forward to more sporting fixtures! For those of you leaving us, thank you for taking part and making the afternoon so enjoyable, and good luck for next year!