Fiver: The Musical

Share article posted on July 22, 2019


Our staff at Westminster Tutors are not only brilliant teachers, but they also have many skills and talents, which occasionally we are lucky enough to witness. Tom Lees has balanced a full-time job as our Director of Studies with writing a full-scale musical, which has just finished a sell-out run at the Southwark Playhouse. The musical, Fiver, was written with one of our exams invigilators, Alex James Ellison, who also has a starring role.

Fiver is a series of musical vignettes which follows the story of a five pound note as it passes through significant moments in the lives of a diverse set of people. Tom also plays the piano throughout the show, accompanying the five impressive cast members, who delighted the audience with their skilful renditions of the comedic, dramatic and heartfelt songs.

Congratulations to Tom and Alex on the success of Fiver, and we look forward to the next musical treat in store!