Racism and the Arts Session

Share article posted on March 27, 2019

We are fortunate enough to have experts come in to take some of our PSHCE sessions here at Westminster Tutors, and our final PSHCE of the spring term was led by actor Stephenson Ardern-Sodje. Stephenson is currently in the hit musical Hamilton here in London, in which he has played various roles, including the title character Alexander Hamilton.

Stephenson’s session was on ‘Racism and the Arts’ – a topic he has a fairly unique take on, given his role in this recent groundbreaking musical, where famous white historical figures are played by a racially diverse group of actors. Some interesting discussion topics emerged, such as ‘When does blindfold casting work and not work?’ and ‘The audiences are less diverse than the actors on stage – what could be done about this?’

As they have done throughout the year in these sessions, the students engaged brilliantly with some very challenging topics, and Stephenson was truly impressed with the level of discourse during the session.