Staff vs Students Football Match 2019

Share article posted on April 05, 2019

WT Staff and Students had their most recent sports fixture during the final week of the Spring term: the annual Staff vs Students Football Match. There has been increasing pressure on player/manager Tom Lees, with a run of defeats stretching back three years against the students, but with some shrewd additions to his squad, including invigilator Alex James Ellison, his team went into the game with some hope.

There was a cagey start to the game with Geography teacher Nick Dommett, a ‘physical’ presence in the heart of the Staff defence, and Alex James Ellison ‘testing’ the students’ keeper on a number of occasions. As the first half wore on, however, experience started to tell as the staff took control of the game leading 8–1 at the interval.

Maths teacher Tom Hyatt was quick to point out that football has often been described as a ‘game of two halves’ but, unlike the other sporting contests in recent years, the students failed to make their superior physical fitness count, and the staff continued to dominate proceedings, finishing with a flurry of goals to win the game 18–2.

Although the score line was quite one-sided in the end, it was a competitive and enjoyable game for staff and students alike – thanks to everyone that participated!