Theatre Trip: Translations

Share article posted on December 11, 2019

Brian Friel’s Translations is a slowly tragic examination of language and identity. Set against the backdrop of a rural 19th century Donegal community strained by the arrival of a British Engineering unit come to map - and crucially, rename - their ‘section’, or parish as they would call it, the small community is split asunder by divided loyalties, hopes and dreams.

Our end of term theatre trip to the National Theatre brought largely positive reviews from our English student cohort. All agreed the play started a little slowly, but the return home of the prodigal son Owen/Roland, his developing friendship with the sapper Yolland, and the budding romance between the English soldier and the Gaelic speaking Maere all brought the play to life. For some students this was their first trip to the National Theatre, so we hope they enjoyed the experience!