Coronavirus Update

Share article posted on March 09, 2020

We are currently receiving daily updates on Covid-19/Coronavirus from both the Department for Education and our Local Authority (RBKC). 

This is a link to the DfE advice: 
And Public Health England:  

As you can see, the advice is that schools should stay open unless they are told to close. Therefore, we plan on continuing as normal, including mock exams next week.

However, we are putting a contingency plan in place in case the situation changes. Should this happen, we will ask our tutors to carry out online lessons with the students at their normal scheduled lesson times. Many of our tutors are already experienced teaching this way. We will be offering additional support to students if any of them are unsure about how to do online lessons.

Looking ahead, we will be staying in close contact with parents as the situation develops. Please do contact us if you would like to discuss it any further. We would recommend that you have a plan in place in case students are required to work from home.