Superb A Level Results

Our goal is for each one of our sixth form students to achieve to the very best of their academic ability.  The success of our approach is borne out by our students' 2018 A level results: 36% A*-A and 78% A*-B grades.

A Level Results 2018

Percentage A*-A36%
Percentage A*-B78%
Percentage A*-C98%
Percentage A*-D100%
Percentage Pass100%

A Level Results 2017

Percentage A*-A42 %
Percentage A*-B83 %
Percentage A*-C95 %
Percentage A*-D97 %
Percentage Pass100 %

A Level Results 2016

Percentage A*-A37 %
Percentage A*-B59 %
Percentage A*-C90 %
Percentage A*-D97 %
Percentage Pass98 %