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University Applications

Each year around 95% of our A level cohort go on to higher education, and our aim is to inspire but not force students in this direction.  The collegiate atmosphere and the academic calibre of our tutors make the college an ideal stepping stone to university, and providing the best personal guidance on careers and university applications is a central aspect of the support we provide.

 At whatever stage students join us, they are advised on subject choices appropriate to their goals, and if they are unsure about their future direction we provide advice which will keep their options as open as possible.  This advice is given by the Principal as a part of the admissions interview, and students’ courses of study are always designed with their future aspirations in mind.

The Principal specialises in providing careers and higher education guidance, and students are encouraged to consult with her as often as needed.  Students begin their UCAS preparation in their AS level year by completing a Centigrade assessment which matches their interests and abilities with appropriate degree courses. Each student’s Centigrade report then provides the basis for an individual consultation with the Principal about degree options, target AS and A level grades, and any research or preparation that will need to be done over the summer.

 Students are therefore well-prepared for their UCAS applications by the time they enter their final A level year.  In this year, the Principal acts as Personal Tutor to all university applicants, providing support through every step of the process, as well as monitoring academic progress to ensure that the necessary targets are met.  Students’ subject tutors are also always on hand to provide subject-specific guidance on personal statements and interviews, as well as to provide personal insights into studying at the top universities.

We are also experienced in making applications to Art Colleges and Music Schools, and in supporting students’ applications to universities overseas.  For students who do not wish to progress to higher education, careful consideration is given to their particular needs and goals, and the Principal provides personal support and guidance to enable them to choose an appropriate career path and/or suitable vocational training.

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