Welcome to Westminster Tutors, where academic excellence is cultivated in a caring and attentive environment that is expertly crafted to support our students’ achievements.

Nestled in the heart of South Kensington, we are not, as the name might imply, in Westminster or a tutoring agency. Instead, we stand proud as one of London’s best independent sixth form colleges, fostering a rich history and an unwavering commitment to our students’ educational and personal development, which is realised through bespoke teaching, learning, and pastoral care.

Founded in 1934 by the visionary Miss Freeston, our institution initially aimed to support women aspiring to join the esteemed halls of Oxbridge. Miss Freeston was a pioneer of her time, who embraced inclusivity and had a passion for scholarly achievement. We remain dedicated to upholding her legacy by offering tailored educational programmes to all young adults and catering to the unique needs of each student. Our highly qualified teachers impart knowledge within art-adorned, quirky classrooms, some of which offer breathtaking views over Chelsea’s rooftops. We foster a nurturing atmosphere where students flourish from our exceptional one-to-one or small-group teaching.

Diversity is at the core of our community. Embracing students from various backgrounds and academic abilities, we create an environment that celebrates individuality, putting our remarkable results into context.

As much as we take pride in the quality of education we offer, our commitment to inclusive pastoral support is equally important. Every student receives personalised attention from teachers, tutors, and mentors, who collaborate closely with parents/guardians. Our unique mentoring programme guides students on study skills, organisation, and planning, while those with specific needs, including neurological differences, learning difficulties, or mental health concerns, benefit from comprehensive support programmes.

Flexibility is another cornerstone of the Westminster Tutors experience. Customised timetables allow lessons and study sessions to be harmoniously scheduled around extracurricular commitments or busy commuting times. Our tailored approach extends to personal, social, health, and citizenship education (PSHCE), sports and activities, and expert guidance on UCAS applications.

Whether you are retaking exams, seeking to re-enter education, or transitioning from alternative education systems, Westminster Tutors is here to help students excel. Our students witness remarkable achievements, and our college has a proven track record of securing placements at top universities in the UK and abroad.

As we operate with limited numbers, especially for those with more complex needs, I invite you to arrange a call or visit Westminster Tutors at your earliest convenience. I am eager to meet you in person and showcase the essence of our unique and exceptionally successful college.

Sean Doherty BEd MA MBA

Joe Mattei the new Principal at Westminster Tutors

Why Choose Westminster Tutors?

  • Top independent sixth form college
  • Average grades 57% A*-A and 80% A*-B
  • 68% placed at Russell Group unis
  • Superbly qualified teachers who care
  • Average A level retake improvement is 1.5 grades
Student studying for her A-Levels
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About Us

Westminster Tutors is one of the oldest and best independent sixth form colleges in London. Established in 1934, our culture of scholastic excellence is deeply embedded and sets the standard for other colleges to follow.