About Us

An Introduction from the Head

It can take a few minutes to explain the name Westminster Tutors to people who don’t know about us. For a start we are in South Kensington, not in Westminster. And we are not, as the name might imply, a tutoring agency, but are one of the best independent sixth form colleges in London. 

Our history helps explain our name and why we are proud to keep it. We were founded in 1934 by Ann Freeston, in Westminster, specifically to support women applying to Oxbridge. She was at the forefront of her era in terms of inclusion and academic excellence, and we aim to emulate her. We offer tailored educational programmes designed around the needs of the individual student. We are non-selective and welcome students from diverse backgrounds with a range of academic abilities, which puts our superb results into context. 

As Ann Freeston was preparing students for the college system at Oxford and Cambridge, she designed her school to resemble them. In many ways we are still the college she founded. Highly qualified tutors teach in quirky, art-covered rooms, many with views over the roofs of Chelsea. Everyone uses first names, there are no uniforms, and students and tutors mingle in the common areas. There is a mature, warm and friendly atmosphere, as everyone who visits the college attests to.

While the quality of our tuition is central to everything we do, we are equally proud of our inclusive pastoral support. Every student has a personal tutor who works closely with teachers and parents. Mentors help with study skills, organisation and planning. Those with neurological differences, learning difficulties or mental health issues are given comprehensive programmes of support. Timetables are built for each student, and lessons and study sessions can be scheduled around extra-curricular commitments or busy commuting times. Our tailored approach extends to PSHCE, sports and activities and UCAS applications.

The approach works equally well for those retaking their exams, looking to return to education, transferring from alternative education systems or for short revision courses. Retake students often increase their result by two grades or more, and we are in the top 20 schools nationally for progress, and top 100 overall for our A level results.

As everything in Westminster Tutors is done on a first name basis, numbers are limited, especially for those with more complex needs. Please do arrange a call or visit as soon as you can. We very much look forward to meeting you and showing you our unique, and uniquely successful, college.

Joe Mattei

Image of person at Westminster Tutors