Retakes Advice - Resitting A Levels

Share article posted on July 20, 2018

A Level Retakes

Summer is an anxious time for many students as they wait for A level results day on Thursday 16 August 2018 and to hear whether they have secured a place at the university of their dreams.  The big day comes, and you find you have not met your conditional offers for your firm or insurance university choices…..  What do you do?  

Before you jump off the deep end and accept a Clearing offer, take a long deep breath and ask yourself if a degree in Ergonomics (which is a course you hadn’t even heard of before you discovered it in Clearing) is really what you want…. Would it be better to retake your A levels?  Half your friends are probably taking a gap year anyway, and taking the time to improve your A level grades could be the best decision you ever take. Here we hope to answer your questions and provide advice on resitting your A levels.