How the 2020 A Level Grades will be Awarded

Share article posted on June 30, 2020


In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, this year’s summer A level and GCSE exams have been cancelled. Students will still be awarded grades as they would in any other year, but these will be calculated from centre assessment grades.

How will A Level grades be calculated?

Teachers will submit a grade for each of their students: this will be the grade that the teacher feels the student would most likely have achieved had the exams taken place in the summer. Our teachers will be using a range of evidence, including classwork, homework and mock exam results, to reach the grade. Once the grades have been decided for each student, teachers will meet in their subject departments to rank the order of each student by performance in each grade. Our Principal will then sign off each grade before they are submitted to the exam boards. After all grades have been submitted, a statistical model will be applied to standardise grades, and this may result in some grades being adjusted. This means that the grades initially submitted by teachers may not necessarily be the final grades awarded by the exam boards. All centre assessment grades remain strictly confidential and may not be shared or discussed with students or anyone else.

When will A Level results be released?

Results will be released as normal in August: our students’ A level results will be available from 9 am on Thursday 13 August and GCSEs on Thursday 20 August. Students can phone or email the college for their results. If it is safe for the building to be open, students may also come into the college to collect their statement of results. More information about what to expect on results day will be published soon on our website.

Will there be an opportunity to take A Level exams in Autumn?

There will be no exams at all this summer, and all grades awarded will be via centre assessment. Ofqual have confirmed that an autumn exam series will be available to students who have been entered for the June 2020 series. There is currently no date set for this exam series, but it is hoped that it will take place as soon as is practically possible in the autumn term.

Can I appeal my 2020 A Level grades?

The normal post-results services will not apply this year: since there are no exams, there will be no reviews of marking. Appeals will be permitted if a centre believes an error was made when submitting centre assessment grades or if an exam board has incorrectly calculated or assigned a grade. If a student is unhappy with their grade, they will be able to take their exams either in the autumn exam series or next summer.

What about private candidates?

All centres must have the same level of confidence in awarding grades for private candidates as they do for other candidates. Unfortunately, this means it would not be feasible to submit centre assessment grades for private candidates for whom we have no existing relationship. Private candidates have the option of taking exams at the next available opportunity, or their entry can be transferred to another exam centre which is in a suitable position to award grades for them.