Making Westminster Tutors Covid Ready

Share article posted on August 12, 2020


Westminster Tutors is perhaps uniquely able as a school to respond to Coronavirus. While keeping any physical  environment safe is only ever a matter of reducing risk, one to one tuition is safer than classroom teaching. Our model of highly tailored, individualised educational provision, adapting to the needs of every individual, also means we can be extremely flexible with what we offer. Learning can be done in person at the college, remotely, or a mixture of the two. Students can come in for one afternoon a week, or every day. Timetables can be adapted so that students can attend college at the time that best suits them. Individual support programmes ensure that students receive the extra help they need in the areas they need. Personal tutors and mentors make sure that every aspect of the student’s education is attended to, and we pride ourselves on our high level of inclusive, pastoral support. 

Our Covid policy outlines not only the key adaptations we are making as a college, but also the consultative approach that is a key part of our ethos.