Milena Earns Well-Deserved Shout-Out in Institute of Physics’ Classroom Physics Magazine

Jan 4, 2024

In a remarkable recognition of academic prowess, Milena, a dedicated student at Westminster Tutors, has received a notable shout-out in the prestigious Institute of Physics’ (IoP) Classroom Physics Magazine. Milena, alongside her teacher and Strategic Lead at the IoP, Dr Taj Bhutta, played a pivotal role in supporting the trial of an innovative, practical investigation on floating and sinking.

Milena and Taj undertook the experiment focused on the depth a model boat sinks in water based on its load. This hands-on approach showcased the practical application of physics concepts and added a new dimension to the learning experience for both the student and the teacher.

Taj, who is an accomplished educator and a Strategic Lead at the IoP, provided invaluable guidance to Milena throughout the process. Their collaboration highlights the commitment of Westminster Tutors’ teaching staff to go beyond conventional teaching methods and actively engage students in meaningful scientific exploration.

The success of this trial not only underscores Milena’s dedication to academic excellence but also exemplifies how Westminster Tutors fosters an environment where students can actively participate in shaping their learning journey. The institute’s teaching staff, led by educators like Taj, continuously strives to bring teaching and learning to life, creating an enriching and dynamic educational experience.

Milena’s achievement is a testament to the passion and innovation that Westminster Tutors instils in its students. As the news of her shout-out circulates, it undoubtedly inspires fellow students and educators alike. The collaborative effort between Milena and Taj exemplifies the college’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional education and fostering a culture of curiosity and exploration.

Congratulations to Milena and Taj for this well-deserved recognition in the Institute of Physics’ Classroom Physics Magazine. Their collaborative efforts have contributed to the advancement of educational practices and set a commendable standard for the entire Westminster Tutors community.

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