• A level colleges and what you need to know - a parent’s guide

    Posted on July 10, 2017

    A parent’s guide to A-level colleges

    With your child successfully completing their school education, with any luck, they’ll have a raft of GCSEs to their name. Now it’s time for them to enter the next phase of their journey and step into the world of A-level colleges. But while this can be daunting for the new student, it can sometimes be even more daunting for you, the parents.

    However, it’s the start of an exciting chapter for your child and it should be for you too. And at this stage parents still play an important part in helping young people make those important decisions about their future. To do that responsibly, you need to feel reassured about the college that your child chooses to study at.

    Here we’ll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about A-level colleges that parents just like you ask, and tell you about what qualities and information to look out for before applying.


    Should my child stay on at their school in Sixth Form?

    Many students see the end of their GCSEs as the end of their school life for good. It should be down to the individual, but …

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  • How to get into Oxbridge: A level results

    Posted on July 05, 2017

    Being accepted into either Oxford or Cambridge University is one of the highest accolades you can achieve in education. Your cherished place will show you’ve got the heart and mind to succeed at the highest level as well as the excellent A-level grades that opened the door. But getting inside isn’t easy. Navigating safely through applications, admissions tests and interviews are all part of your university preparation, and all rely on getting the A-level results that prove your outstanding abilities.

    Setting up for success with good A-level results

    Making a choice between Oxford or Cambridge University largely comes down to your own preference. Academically speaking, there is little to choose between them in terms of teaching and research. The real difference comes down to the courses and the content and which will suit you best. So once your mind is set to one university or the other, and you’re looking likely to get the necessary A-level qualifications to be a part of this elite education system, what is the process and how do you prepare?

    Achieve good A level results to get into Oxbridge

    Oxbridge …

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  • How To Manage The Stress Of A Level Exams

    Posted on June 30, 2017

    Expert Tips On Managing A Level Exam Stress

    The build up to any exam is nerve-wracking... It’s a time when, in those last couple of months of studying and revising, the pressure is heaped on, often not by others, but by yourself. And A level pressures, in particular, seem to be magnified. Your GCSEs have all been passed, when there were more exams to take, so why should taking fewer A level exams add more pressure and how can you manage it?

    Recognise the signs

    Getting stressed around exam time is not always a bad thing. The pressure can allow you to focus on getting over the hurdle of your next exam and to work hard achieving the right grades. But if you let it consume you, the stress and pressure of A levels can be damaging not only to your potential results, but to your health as well.

    So if you’re suffering from one or more of these stress- and pressure-related symptoms, including tiredness, irritability, forgetfulness, anxiety, loss of appetite, aches and pains or insomnia, then it’s time to take some action. In the run up to your exams, suffering from any of these things can be bad news, so let’s …

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  • How To Revise For Your A Level Retakes

    Posted on June 27, 2017

    If your A level results didn’t turn out quite as you’d expected, don’t give up hope just yet. There are still options available to you, and among those are revising for your A level retakes. You may not have earned the grades you needed for your uni place this time round, but if you’re determined to get there, preparing for your retakes with a good revision plan is crucial.

    4 Top Tips To Achieving Better Grades On Your A Level Resits

    Student and tutor

    1) Determination for improvement

    Once you’ve received your A-level grades and discovered that they’re not what you need, you’ve got a few decisions to make. You’re probably asking yourself “is it all worth it?” and it could be tempting to take that gap year and forget all about what you just put yourself through.

    But if you’re serious about going to university, then now’s the time to start thinking about your A level retakes. The first step is to be honest and ask yourself why you didn’t get the grades first time round. Did you really put as much effort in as you should have or did you try and cram your …

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  • A Level retakes and how you can get back on track

    Posted on June 12, 2017

    Studying full-time can be a real challenge, both mentally and physically. So when your A level results come back with grades that are somewhat underwhelming, it can feel like all your weeks and months of study was pointless. So what’s next? The short answer is to take a deep breath and start preparing for your A level retakes.

    Students worrying about bad A level results

    Getting disappointing A-level results can be really worrying....

    A Level retake options

    Getting exam results, especially for your A levels, is a big deal. Every year it makes the news. As we watch footage of nervous students up and down the country opening their results envelopes, we see the realisation that the world is their oyster.

    But not everyone gets the results they want. Sometimes they don’t even get the results they need to take the next step in their career plan. It’s at that point when their immediate world collapses. Panic sets in and the feeling of getting left behind begins to take over as their course mates hug it out and the parties start.

    It’s an unfortunate statistic that not everyone gets the right results to take that next step …

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  • General Election (Mock) Results

    Posted on June 06, 2017

    After a campaign that matched the energy in equal measures of the real campaign, the results are in - and remarkably interesting results they are.

    Firstly, for the college overall, on a 69% turnout, the election produced a tie:

    Westminster Tutors Mock Election Results

    Given the orientation of the Lib Dems and the Green party, this suggests that the college overall would go for the ‘Coalition of Chaos’ so frequently referred to by Theresa May. It also represents a leftward shift from the 2015 election which saw a clear Conservative victory:

    2015 Mock Election Results

    This also mirrored closely the overall General election results so perhaps the shape of things to come...?

    However, the above results don’t tell the whole story. For the students, they desired five years of ‘strong and stable government in the national interest’ (TM), rejecting Corbyn thereby giving the country five more years of Maybot 2.0 (or 3.0 if she rebooted). Turnout was poor at 63% but one student got so enthusiastic (or hated them all equally) that they voted for all the parties...:

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  • A Level Retakes: Advice on Resits

    Posted on April 12, 2017

    Summer is an anxious time for many students as they wait for A level results day on Thursday 17 August 2017 and to hear whether they have secured a place at the university of their dreams.  The big day comes, and you find you have not met your conditional offers for your firm or insurance university choices…..  What do you do?  

    Before you jump off the deep end and accept a Clearing offer, take a long deep breath and ask yourself if a degree in Ergonomics (which is a course you hadn’t even heard of before you discovered it in Clearing) is really what you want…. Would it be better to retake your A levels?  Half your friends are probably taking a gap year anyway, and taking the time to improve your A level grades could be the best decision you ever take. Here we hope to answer your questions and provide advice on resitting your A levels.

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  • Sixth Form Colleges in London

    Posted on March 10, 2017

    When looking at sixth form colleges in London, there are plenty of options available: state school, independent school, single-sex, mixed, boarding, tutorial, the list goes on. Parents and students need to decide what is most important to them. Of course, the main goal of sixth form colleges is to provide students with a set of A levels, but there are many other factors at play, such as size, facilities and extra-curricular activities.

    Westminster Tutors is a sixth form college in London, which provides one-to-one tuition for A level students. We differentiate ourselves from all other sixth form colleges by tailor-making all A level courses and lessons to each individual student. While most sixth form colleges choose one particular exam board for a subject, Westminster Tutors allows each student and teacher to discuss the exam board and specification which is most suitable. Furthermore, where particular options or texts are required to be chosen, for example in History and English Literature, students have the freedom to study what interests and appeals most to them. Therefore, students at Westminster Tutors can be really engaged in their studies and perform to the best of their ability in contrast to those at larger colleges where …

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  • Praise for our library volunteers

    Posted on February 14, 2017

    Two of our students, Jamaal and Oliver, were celebrated for their work as library volunteers at a special reception hosted by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea’s Mayor, Cllr Mrs. Elizabeth Rutherford last week.

    Jamaal and Oliver join a long list of past Westminster Tutors students who have given up their time to help children with their homework at Brompton Library every week.

    Praising the volunteers for their commitment and work the Mayor said: “The support you provide for libraries and archives staff is very clear. Your volunteering makes it possible for Council staff to deliver additional services, events and activities and all of this makes our libraries such great places to visit and use. Thank you all for your work, I hope that it will inspire others to consider volunteering at their local library.”

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  • Half Term: 14-17 February

    Posted on February 10, 2017

    Please note that Monday 13 February is a normal teaching day, so lessons will take place as usual unless otherwise stated.

    The college will be open for the rest of the week for any catch-up lessons.

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  • Planned tube strike next week

    Posted on February 03, 2017

    A tube strike is planned from Sunday 5 February to Wednesday 8 February.

    We plan to keep the college open as usual if the strike does go ahead, so please make sure you check your journey before you travel and leave enough time to take an alternative route if necessary.

    If the college is forced to close due to overwhelming disruption, an announcement will be posted here on Monday morning, so please check the website.

    Please also read the information on the TFL website for details of the tube services that will and won’t be running:

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  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Posted on December 21, 2016

    The college will be closed from 22 December to 2 January 2017 due to the Christmas and New Year’s break. Lessons will resume on 3 January 2017.

    Happy Christmas and all good wishes for the New Year.

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  • WT Christmas Party

    Posted on December 13, 2016

    Next Tuesday 20th December we are having Christmas drinks at 5pm. All staff and students are invited. There will be drinks and snacks!!  Please RSVP to Jason so that we have an idea of numbers. Feel free to bring extra food!

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  • Dress Up Day

    Posted on December 08, 2016

    We are having our annual ‘dress up’ day for all students and staff on Tuesday 13 December. So that means everyone has to come in dressed as smartly and professionally as possible - there will be prizes for the best!

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  • Ice Skating

    Posted on December 07, 2016

    The Head Girls are organising an ice skating event for Thursday 15th December. If you want to come, please confirm with Jason ASAP so we can book and leave your contact details on the sheet.

    We are planning to go to the 17:00-17:50 session so meet in college by 16:30 at the latest!!

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  • June 2016 Certificates

    Posted on November 15, 2016

    The exam certificates for the June 2016 series are now available to be collected from the college.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to post certificates in case they get lost, but we will keep them for students whenever they are able to come in.

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  • UCL Lunchtime Lecture: Post-US Election Debrief

    Posted on November 09, 2016

    The UCL lunchtime lecture next Tuesday 15th November is all about the US election ( It will try to make sense of an election cycle that has pitched two deeply unpopular candidates against each other and considers what  it means for US and global politics. This is especially more important given Trump’s victory today.

    We will be leaving Westminster Tutors at 12.20 to reach UCL in good time. It is mandatory for Politics students but discretionary for everyone else. 

    For those who choose to go, please let Jason and LQ know by end of play on Friday so timetables can be changed. For those who have no lesson clashes, you have no excuse!

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  • Head Boy & Girl Elections

    Posted on November 09, 2016

    We are holding our Head Boy & Girl elections this week, and there are two teams in the running this year: Andrew & Cat vs. Anna & Immy.

    All students and staff have one vote. If you would like to cast your vote, please come to reception to pick up a voting slip.
    Voting is open until the end of Monday 14 November.

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  • Half Term: 25-28 October

    Posted on October 18, 2016

    Please note that Monday 24 October is a normal teaching day, so lessons will take place as usual.

    The college will be open on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for any catch-up lessons, but we are closed on Wednesday 26 October.

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  • Start of term - Wednesday 14 September

    Posted on September 12, 2016

    We hope you have all had an enjoyable summer and are ready to start the new term!

    There is an induction meeting for all students on Wednesday 14 September, when you will receive your timetable, and then lessons will begin the next day.

    Students in Years 11 and 12 should come at 12:00 for the induction.
    Students in Years 13 and 13+ should come at 14:00.

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  • 50% A*-A grades at GCSE!

    Posted on August 25, 2016

    We have had a superb year for our GCSE students, with half of all grades at A*-A! Regardless of ability and previous grades, our students have achieved 50% grades A*-A, 65% A*-B, 90% A*-C and 95% A*-D. Special commendation goes to the fabulous achievement of our student Nadia who joined us in Year 11 and has achieved A* grades in all 9 of her GCSEs - well done Nadia!

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  • Superb retake results!

    Posted on August 19, 2016

    A big congratulations to all our retake students this year - they have improved on average a staggering 1.7 grades!

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  • 56% confirmed places at Russell Group unis!

    Posted on August 19, 2016

    We have had an exceptional year for university destinations: 56% of our UCAS applicants are confirmed at Russell Group universities and 83% of them are going to their first choice university!

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  • 37% A*-A grades at A level!

    Posted on August 19, 2016

    Congratulations to our students and tutors for some excellent exam results this year - 37% of all grades are A*-A and 90% are A*-C! This is a great achievement in the face of tougher A levels, so well done all!

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  • Results

    Posted on August 15, 2016

    This year’s A level results will be released on Thursday 18 August. Students can come into the college, phone or email for their results from 9:00. Good luck to all!

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  • End of Year Party

    Posted on June 15, 2016

    Max and Hermine are holding a party to celebrate the end of year and the end of your exams! Come along on Friday 24 June - there will be food and awards (maybe even prizes)!

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  • Twelfth Night Play Reading

    Posted on June 08, 2016

    Jane Darwin is hosting her annual play-reading on Friday 17 June, and this year’s play is Twelfth Night. All English students and teachers are invited.

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  • EU Referendum

    Posted on May 31, 2016

    Have your say in the Westminster Tutors Mock EU Referendum - cast your vote at reception this week! Should the UK remain or leave the European Union?
    Don’t forget to vote in the actual referendum on 23 June (and register if you haven’t already done so).

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  • Reading Group

    Posted on February 25, 2016

    The second WT Reading Group meets next Thursday 3 March. We’ll focus on the short story ‘The Dead’, and reading packs can be picked up from reception.

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  • Bowling Trip

    Posted on February 15, 2016

    Max and Hermine are organising a bowling trip for all students on Monday 22 February - sign up at reception!

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  • The Tempest at the Globe

    Posted on January 07, 2016

    We have managed to garner 10 hard-to-come-by tickets for the performance of The Tempest at the indoor Sam Wanamaker Theatre at the Globe: this is a very rare opportunity to see the Tempest performed by candlelight with music and stage effects as they would have been in Shakespeare’s day - see Virginia to sign up for tickets.

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  • 43% placed at Russell Group unis!

    Posted on August 14, 2015

    Congratulations to all of our students - we’ve had another great year with nearly half of all applicants placing at the UK’s prestigious Russell Group universities.

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  • Superb A level results in 2015!

    Posted on August 14, 2015

    Our students and their teachers have cause to celebrate another excellent year - a third of A level grades at A*-A and three quarters are grades A*-B - well done one and all!!!

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  • King Lear Play Reading

    Posted on June 01, 2015

    This year’s play-reading, kindly hosted as ever by Jane Darwin, is King Lear on 8 June. All students and teachers of Eng Lit are invited.

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  • Ofsted OUTSTANDING!!!

    Posted on March 12, 2015

    We are all very proud, staff and students, to be celebrating the report from our very first independent Ofsted inspection in February - on all of the six judgements we have been awarded outstanding. We really are delighted that our small, lovely college has been awarded the credit we feel it deserves - well done everybody and congrats!!

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  • East is East Theatre Trip

    Posted on January 21, 2015

    Sign up in reception for the East is East theatre trip to Richmond theatre - starring award-winning playwright Ayub Khan Din and the hilarious Jane Horrocks. A modern comedy classic exploring an inter-cultural marriage in 1970s England. A must-see for AS Eng Lit students studying the genre of comedy!

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  • Ice-skating at the Nat Hist Museum

    Posted on December 05, 2014

    As the end of term draws near, sign up for end of term celebrations on Monday 15 December, ice-skating at the Natural History Museum from 6 pm. Followed the next day, 16 December, by a Christmas/ festive lunch at 1pm - bring a taster of the food your family eat on festive occasions!

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  • Bowling Night on 10 Nov

    Posted on November 03, 2014

    We have reserved two lanes for our students at Queensway Ice and Bowl next Monday 10 November from 6pm. The treat is on the college so sign up in reception!

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  • Does Parliament matter???

    Posted on October 09, 2014

    Get a taste of university life and engage in political thought. UCL lunchtime lecture leaving from WT with Nick and Sean at 12.30pm, return 3pm.

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  • 40% confirmed at Russell Group unis!!!

    Posted on August 14, 2014

    Many congratulations to our students for another great year of UCAS applications. Already over 40% have places confirmed at Russell Group universities. Well done!!!!!

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  • 41% A*-A, and 73% A*-B grades!!

    Posted on August 14, 2014

    We are all celebrating another great year of A level results - great news!! Initial data shows our students have achieved A*-A 41%, A*-B 73%, A*-C 94%, and 100% A*-D. Nationally just 26% of students achieved A*-A and 52% A*-B so we are really going places!

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  • The Tempest Play Reading

    Posted on May 12, 2014

    Jane Darwin is hosting her annual play-reading on Friday 30 May, and this year’s play is The Tempest. All English students and teachers are invited.

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  • 12 Angry Men Theatre Trip in Feb

    Posted on January 31, 2014

    Sign up in Reception to go to the Garrick Theatre to see ‘12 Angry Men’. A must-see for all Psychology students as it links to the topic of minority influence, and nail-biting drama for all theatre lovers - great actors and great reviews in a top West End theatre!

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  • Chess League - only three weeks to go!

    Posted on January 20, 2014

    Competition is hotting up and only the top four will get into the knockout stages. Prizes too! £10 vouchers for top student of the league, and £20 vouchers for the student who goes furthest in the competition (yes, it can be the same person!).

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  • Find Your Voice Workshop

    Posted on November 08, 2013

    Well done to all of the students who participated in the ‘Find Your Voice’ public speaking workshop delivered by Paddy Maguire from the Speakers Trust. The judges were truly impressed with the confidence and delivery of the students’ speeches, with Michael Merlino topping the bill.

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  • 40% A*-A and 83% A*-B GCSEs!!

    Posted on August 22, 2013

    Alongside our outstanding A level results, initial data shows that our GCSE students have excelled themselves. 40% of GCSE grades are A*-A, 83% A*-B, and 90% A*-C. What a brilliant year for all of our students!

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  • 44% A*- A, and 80% A*- B grades!!

    Posted on August 15, 2013

    We have had a superb year of A level results with initial data showing 44% of A level grades as A*-A grade, and 80% A*-B grade. Our results are reflected in our university destinations, which are exceptional. Well done to the many happy students of Westminster Tutors!

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  • Over 50% placed at Russell Group unis!

    Posted on August 15, 2013

    Many congratulations to all of our students on another hugely successful year for UCAS applications. Initial data indicates that well over 50% of our students have placed at Russell Group universities.

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  • End of Year Party 2013

    Posted on July 08, 2013

    The end is nigh! End of year celebrations kick off in the Common Room from 5-7pm on 19 July, with plans to go on to eat at Ed’s Easy Diner in Soho. All are invited - ask Miranda or Max for more info.

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  • Macbeth Play Reading

    Posted on May 20, 2013

    This year we are reading Macbeth, kindly hosted by Jane Darwin, on 28 May starting at 6.30pm. All budding thespians and literary bods are invited to take a part. RSVP to Lu Qian or Virginia.

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  • Staff-Student Football Match

    Posted on March 27, 2013

    Sad to announce that the tutors were the convincing winners of the treasured Westminster Tutors Cup with a score of 14-7. Da Hammer aka Sebastian Secker Walker ran riot with over 50% of the tutors’ goals,but ultimately the tutors took their foot off the pedal in the final quarter, which allowed the students to provide a measure of respectability with a late flurry of goals.

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