Westminster Tutors Independent Sixth Form College Celebrates Remarkable A Level Results, Above National Averages Across a Range of Subjects

Sep 1, 2023

Setting The Standard in Academic Excellence: A Whopping 32% A*/A Grades Achieved

In a triumph against the current trend of grade deflation, Westminster Tutors has once again demonstrated its commitment to academic excellence by achieving exceptional A level results. With an astounding 32% of students attaining A*/A grades, the college has solidified its reputation as a beacon of scholastic achievement.

The remarkable achievement doesn’t stop there. Westminster Tutors has also excelled in the A*-B grade category, boasting a staggering 62% – an impressive feat above those achieved nationally. These results are a testament to the dedication and unwavering efforts of both students and educators at Westminster Tutors.

Unparalleled Success in Key Subjects

Specifically, the institution has witnessed stupendous achievements in various subjects, further underlining its commitment to providing a top-notch education. Business and Philosophy are shining examples, with an astonishing 100% A*/A success rate. The discipline of Economics achieved an impressive 63% A*/A, while Physics garnered a noteworthy 50% A*/A.

Across the academic spectrum, students at Westminster Tutors have consistently outperformed the national average. Subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Politics, Psychology, and Sociology have all achieved exceptional A*-B grades above national averages, reflecting the institution’s holistic approach to education and its determination to nurture well-rounded individuals.

Opening Doors to Higher Education

The most exciting outcome of these exceptional results is the realisation of students’ dreams as they secure their coveted spots at esteemed universities. An impressive 79% of Westminster Tutors’ students have confirmed their first-choice university offers, a testament to the high calibre of education provided.

Moreover, a superb 42% of these ambitious achievers have gained admission to prestigious institutions within the Russell Group in the UK and Ivy League universities in the United States. This speaks volumes about the rigorous academic standards upheld at Westminster Tutors and the unparalleled guidance students receive as they navigate their educational journey.

A Bright Future Ahead

Sean Doherty, the new Principal at Westminster Tutors, commented saying:

“As we celebrate these outstanding achievements, it is evident that Westminster Tutors continues to redefine educational excellence. By consistently surpassing national averages and nurturing the intellectual growth of its students, the college is a beacon of inspiration for current and future students.

These remarkable A level results demonstrate the dedication of the students and teachers and serve as a testament to the transformative power of a truly exceptional education. Westminster Tutors has set a new benchmark, inspiring students to reach for the stars and reinforcing that anything is possible with determination, dedication, and the right support.

In a world where academic success is a key to unlocking opportunities, Westminster Tutors has undoubtedly paved the way for its students’ bright and promising future. As the institution continues to raise the bar of excellence, it remains a shining example of what can be achieved when passion, commitment, and a thirst for knowledge converge.

In the challenging current climate for students, Westminster Tutors has established itself as the ultimate destination for A level retakes, embodying a spirit of unwavering support and transformation. For students who seek to conquer past academic challenges and rewrite their futures, the college stands as a guiding light, offering personalised guidance and a nurturing teaching environment conducive to growth. With the remarkable results achieved in this year’s A level examinations, the undeniable prowess of Westminster Tutors in elevating academic achievements is evident. This distinction as a hub for retake success solidifies the institution’s position as one of central London’s foremost independent sixth form colleges. Westminster Tutors’ commitment to shaping brilliant minds and giving them a second chance to shine further cement the college’s status as a trailblazer in educational excellence. Aspiring learners, whether embarking on their first attempt or pursuing retakes, can find no better ally than Westminster Tutors on their journey towards academic mastery and a promising future.”

Why Choose Westminster Tutors?

  • Top independent sixth form college
  • Average grades 57% A*-A and 80% A*-B
  • 68% placed at Russell Group unis
  • Superbly qualified teachers who care
  • Average A level retake improvement is 1.5 grades
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