At Westminster Tutors our goal is for each student to achieve to the very best of his or her academic ability. The success of our approach is borne out by our results and the Good Schools Guide notes that ‘exam results are highly creditable for such a mixed, totally non-selective intake’. In 2016 we had another excellent year with 37% grades A*-A, and on average our retake students improved by 1.7 grades!

A Level Results 2016

Percentage A*-A37 %
Percentage A*-B59 %
Percentage A*-C90 %
Percentage A*-D97 %
Percentage Pass98 %

A Level Results 2015

Percentage A*-A32 %
Percentage A*-B74 %
Percentage A*-C97 %
Percentage A*-D100 %
Percentage Pass100 %

A Level Results 2014

Percentage A*-A42 %
Percentage A*-B74 %
Percentage A*-C95 %
Percentage A*-D100 %
Percentage Pass100 %

A Level Results 2013 

Percentage A*-A46 %
Percentage A*-B81 %
Percentage A*-C94 %
Percentage A*-D98 %
Percentage Pass100 %